About Me

Allison Lowman

I’m Allison Lowman, and I love coding for websites. Every new project is like a puzzle that I get to solve and form into whatever I want. As of May 2013, I am a graduate with an AAS in Web Development. I am a motivated worker, and have a passion for design. My attention to detail has proven to be a great asset when it comes to debugging code. With practice, I found that missing semicolons and stray div tags are not a challenge for me to scout out. I specialize in HTML, CSS, Adobe Photoshop and Dreamweaver. I have also worked with JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, Action Script, Lingo, ASP.Net, and Visual Basic.

I am looking forward to my career as an innovator in the Web Development field. I love to create functional art, and anxiously anticipate working on a team to make the best websites on the net.