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Appleton Ambulance Service Information/Documentation

Name and phone list
Monthly meeting minutes
Rig cleaning, holiday schedules
Training opportunities
IV training information and sites
AAS bylaws
Timesheet guidelines
AAS BLS guidelines
2011 pay due calendar
2012 pay due calendar
2013 pay due calendar
2011 run count totals
2010 run count totals
2009 run count totals
Ridgewater 2011/2012 44 plan schedule
NREMT pt assess trauma
NREMT pt assess medical
NREMT bleeding control skill sheet
Other NREMT-B practical exam forms
Countryside Health essential personnel information
Note: payroll email:

AAS Forms

Time sheet 2011 (PDF)
Time sheet 2011 (Excel)
2011 EMT call/run rates
720 Rig checklist
721 Rig checklist
After call truck checklist
After call PCR checklist
Signature form (PDF)
PCS Physician Certification Statement (PDF)
Med kit form (PDF)
Glucagon administration form (PDF)
Nitro administration form (PDF)
Albuterol administration form (PDF)
Epipen administration form (PDF)
PCR clipboard divider
Kenwood TK-2140 operating instructions

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